LAM Alaska Remote static site history

LAM Alaska Remote static site history

As of Tuesday, October 18, 2016 GCI no longer offers a static web space along with internet service.

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The occasional IP Address change issue is now handled by my ASUS RT-AC66U router communicating with the Dynamic DNS and all I had to do was pick a subdomain. - ASUS Dynamic Domain Name Service

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 @ 12:06:40 AM (Alaska Time)

In November of 2008 my brother asked me what his cheapest option was to host a small web site. In short, I told him that I would host him for free as long as he didn't create a traffic problem for me.

Less than six weeks after beginning this service agreement, my brother texted me at about 5:00 AM Alaska time to tell me there was a problem with the site. In short, the IP Address had changed and the problem for him was fixed within maybe 30 minutes.

He did not realize what had happened until he contacted me later. He had given me access to his registrar's control panel when we had first set up the hosting. He had purchased the domain name more than a year prior to that but it had remained parked until I became host web host. I had updated the zone file for his domain name as well as my own in the interim and all was working again at a new IP Address.

This was only the second IP Address change since January of 2007 when I had begun the current cable modem internet service.

It did however make me realize that, in short, at the current time I did not really have the ability to address this problem except from my home.

I vacationed in December of 2008 in Kuaui, Hawaii for a week and spent some additional time with my sister in the Seattle area of Washington state. We did not have another IP Address problem but I decided that I needed to address the ability to correct it from anywhere I could access the internet.

This site is part of my answer that I want to have in place before my next vacation in February and March of 2009 (this year - next month) when I will be in Cabo San Lucas with another brother and his wife, my mother and stepfather, and my sister (again).

All this is because I do not pay an additional $10.00 per month for a static IP Address.

Remote static page at my space on my ISP's home page server.

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