LAM Alaska Remote static site Free Web Space

LAM Alaska Remote static site
Free Web Space

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The free web space at GCI was never really free and now it's also not available.

As of Tuesday, October 18, 2016 GCI no longer offers a static web space along with internet service. I have updated a number of things related to this copy of what was on the static web space as well as this and a couple other pages but leaving the below RANT.

If $40.00 x 3 = $120.00 minimum is free. Then this page is on a 10MB free web space.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 @ 12:47:26 AM (Alaska Time)

I decided I must include the above RANT and several others in this page about what I have discovered about the "Free web space" associated with my current Cable Modem Internet service. From some casual surfing on the web I believe my situation is far from unique. And on the more posative note ... All of the notes on the posative above were created by testing against default Apache configuration behavior and the above comments describe Apache default configuration for many installations.

All of the more negative results reported above are based on extensive amounts of time waiting for a customer service person on a toll free line and a very short bit of time actually speaking to a customer support person.

Remote static page at my space on my ISP's home page server.

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